Bountiful UT Brings You These Three Top Restaurants Serving Up Great Food

Here we are once again back in the state of Utah. Utah is a state that I have heard my great aunt and uncle talk about before at times. They used to live there when my great uncle was in the service. We haven’t been to Bountiful, Utah yet, so let’s go there. That sounds good to me, what about you?

Vito’s is the first restaurant we are going to visit virtually in Bountiful, Utah. Vito’s is on South Main Street, and one of the menu highlights is a Philly cheese steak. The reviews do mention that Vito’s doesn’t serve dinner, so you will have to hit up this restaurant for lunch. It also says this place serves up some great pasta.

A Bountiful Royal India is the next restaurant, and it is going to be found on North Main Street. Would you like to try some mango chicken or some lamb? This place serves up all kinds of other great dishes, and one person called it the best restaurant in Bountiful. Alright, there is one restaurant left after A Beautiful Royal India, and then it is time to pick one.

Ramblin Roads Restaurant is on West 400 North, and it is going to be a good one for sure. This place is known for both a delicious breakfast and lunch. While I’m sure the menu is great, the menu highlights were a little scattered and not a great representation. It is of course a great pick, but it doesn’t​ get my vote. Choose one, and then I am going to tell you my pick. I would be visiting Vito’s first, and I think that was an easy choice for me. I am always in the mood for a good Philly cheese steak. My second pick would be Ramblin Roads Restaurant, for breakfast.